sony Cyber shot DSC P150/L Camera Battery

Peplacement Product

Compatible camera battery sony  for Cyber-shot DSC-P150/L
  • Item Code:3008.1
  • Capacity: 1100mAh
  • Volt: 3.6V
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Size: 45.90x35.50x8.35mm
  • Weight: 55g
  • Color: Gray
Special Price: £17.59GBP
Shipping Cost: £2.98 GBP
Brand new with 1 year warranty!

Cyber-shot DSC-P150/L  verify

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The Cyber-shot DSC-P150/L replacement for the below laptop battery part numbers:


The Cyber-shot DSC-P150/L can also replace for the below models:

Cyber-shot DSC-V3,
Cyber-shot DSC-T50/R,
Cyber-shot DSC-T50/B,
Cyber-shot DSC-T50,
Cyber-shot DSC-T30S,
Cyber-shot DSC-T30/B,
Cyber-shot DSC-T30,
Cyber-shot DSC-P200/S,
Cyber-shot DSC-P200/R,
Cyber-shot DSC-P200/B,
Cyber-shot DSC-P200,
Cyber-shot DSC-P150/S,
Cyber-shot DSC-P150/L,
Cyber-shot DSC-P150/B,
Cyber-shot DSC-P150,
Cyber-shot DSC-P120,
Cyber-shot DSC-P100PP,
Cyber-shot DSC-P100/S,
Cyber-shot DSC-P100/R,
Cyber-shot DSC-P100/LJ,
Cyber-shot DSC-P100/L,
Cyber-shot DSC-P100,
Cyber-shot DSC-G1,
Cyber-shot DSC-F88,