acer Aspire 1830T 68U118 Laptop Battery

Peplacement Product

Compatible laptop battery acer  for Aspire 1830T-68U118
  • Item Code:1051
  • Capacity: 5200mAh
  • Volt: 11.1V
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Size: 202.90x43.80x20.20mm
  • Weight: 316.4g
  • Color: Black
Special Price: £26.31GBP
Shipping Cost: £2.98 GBP
Brand new with 1 year warranty!

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The Aspire 1830T-68U118 replacement for the below laptop battery part numbers:


The Aspire 1830T-68U118 can also replace for the below models:

Aspire TimelineX 1830T,
Aspire One 753-U342ss01,
Aspire One 753-U342ss,
Aspire One 753-U342ki-W7625 Noir,
Aspire One 753-U342cc-W7625 Chocolat,
Aspire One 753-N32C/SF,
Aspire One 753-N32C/S,
Aspire One 753-N32C/KF,
Aspire One 753-N32C/K,
Aspire One 753,
Aspire One 721-3574,
Aspire One 721-3070,
Aspire One 721-122ki-W7632 Noir,
Aspire One 721-122cc-W7632 Chocolat,
Aspire One 721,
Aspire One 1551,
Aspire 1830TZ-U544G50n,
Aspire 1830TZ-U544G32n,
Aspire 1830TZ-U542G50nssa,
Aspire 1830TZ-4393,
Aspire 1830TZ,
Aspire 1830T-7618,
Aspire 1830T-68U118,
Aspire 1830T-5432G50nssb,
Aspire 1830T-3927,
Aspire 1830T-3730,
Aspire 1830T-3721,
Aspire 1830T-3505,
Aspire 1830T,
Aspire 1830,
Aspire 1551,
Aspire 1430,
Aspire 1425p,